By Alexander Tidström

Story about Rudolf swiping right!

Rudolf the panda had always been a bit of a loner. He lived by himself in a small bamboo grove, and while he loved his solitude, he couldn't help but feel a little bit lonely sometimes. So, when he heard about a new dating app called "Panda Mingle," he decided to give it a try.

Rudolf created his profile, added some flattering photos (one of which was actually just a picture of a Panda Express menu), and started swiping. It wasn't long before he started getting matches, and before he knew it, he had a whole bunch of dates lined up.

The first few dates went pretty well, but Rudolf couldn't help but feel a little bit tired. He tried to stay awake and be present, but no matter how hard he tried, he always ended up falling asleep. The girls he went out with thought it was their fault - they thought Rudolf just wasn't interested in them. One girl even tried to wake him up by tickling his feet, but Rudolf just snored louder.

But Rudolf wasn't uninterested - he was just tired! He had been working long hours at the bamboo farm, and he was exhausted. He knew he needed to find a way to stay awake on his dates, so he asked his friend Pamela for help.

Pamela was a bit of a party animal, and she knew all the best ways to stay energized. She introduced Rudolf to a new drink called "Buff," which was made with all sorts of energy-boosting ingredients (and a dash of caffeine). Rudolf gave it a try, and it worked like a charm!

With his new found energy, Rudolf was able to stay awake and have a great time on his next date with a girl named Julia. They laughed and talked and had so much fun that they didn't even notice the time passing. In fact, they ended up staying out so late that they missed the last bus home and had to walk home through the bamboo grove in the dark. Rudolf was a little nervous at first, but Julia was fearless and led the way, swatting away any stray stalks of bamboo that got in their way.

In the end, Rudolf and Julia hit it off, and they decided to give love a chance. They lived happily ever after, with Rudolf never falling asleep on a date again (thanks to his trusty bottle of Buff, of course). The end.